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All of Government – Travel Management Services


Preferred supplier

Orbit is one of five providers awarded contracts under the All of Government (AoG) tender for Travel Management Services (TMS). This is one of the projects in the Government Procurement Reform Programme, aimed at cost saving quality of service and enhancing participation by government agencies in New Zealand.*

*The Travel Management AoG programme has been led by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and was completed in June 2012

Orbit enables Government appointed traveller’s to have access to an exceptional range of
AoG air contract rates (with AoG Accommodation and Rental car rates being made available in 2013). This combined with a market leading level of customer service and a proven track record in the sector means that Orbit can offer the Government sector the absolute best outcomes for travel management.

Orbit’s Key Points of Difference

  • Experience in the Government Sector
  • A 100% New Zealand owned organisation 
  • The Owner/Operator business model and extent of the Orbit Group’s resources nationally (including being part of the House of Travel Group) 
  • A demonstrated track record of delivering the highest levels of customer service over a 25 year timeframe 
  • Our technology with support via our partnership with global travel IT providers, Amadeus


The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has produced a structured pricing methodology for Participating Agencies that reflects the differing level of services they require. Based on a ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘high touch’ service offering, the choice remains with the Agency as to which level of service provision is most suitable for their business.

Your Orbit Account Manager can take you through Orbit’s pricing and related services.

Next Steps

If you have any queries around your eligibility or wish to discuss the Travel Management options available to you in more detail, please contact the Travel Centre of Expertise (CoE) at Alternatively, your local Orbit representative can outline all aspects of Orbits’ offering.